All Ashbourne wines are made, matured, bottled and labelled by the Ashbourne team.


From the maiden release in 2001, this benchmark wine has redefined South Africa’s own red grape variety, Pinotage, with its classic, refined styling and unique complex character. This is a wine unlike anything else, intense, rich and savoury with a beautiful underlying minerality.


A low-alcohol, unwooded, late-released expression of Ashbourne's Sandstone soils through a Sauvignon blanc driven blend using fermentation in small stoneware amphorae for additional complexity.


Pure, rich, unwooded Pinotage, freshened and brightened by a carefully judged component of Cinsault, make this a beautifully balanced and highly versatile wine. This is a uniquely South African blend of two historic and genetically related varieties.

 Ashbourne Rosé

Cinsault, once South Africa's most widely planted red grape and now increasingly scarce and sought after, is an ideal rosé grape. This is a highly versatile wine reflecting both South African tradition and the joy of rosé.

 Ashbourne Blanc

Fresh, vibrant, perfumed Sauvignon blanc, filled-out and enriched with a carefully judged unwooded Chardonnay component, make this a beautifully balanced and highly versatile wine.